How To Consign

Registration for the Spring 2021 ONLINE Event will open Friday March 19 at 10am!

Please read the information below about consigning before you register to consign.

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Preparing Your Items for Online Events

  1. All items must be clean and without stains
    1. Wash all clothing, bedding, cloth toys
    2. Wipe down all toys
    3. Remove dirt from shoes, etc.
    4. Inspect all items for stains, rips, tears, damage
  2. Clothing
    1. For online sales, clothing does not need to be hung on hangers. Clothing that has multiple pieces being sold together can be placed together in plastic bags (zip lock or twist tie type bags)
    2. The minimum price on all items is $4.00.  You can combine items together as one item if needed. Make sure all items bundled and sold together are the same size.
    3. Clothing for all seasons is allowed for online sales.
    4. You may use a tagging gun or safety pins to affix your tags to clothing.  If using a tagging gun, put the barb/tag through the size tag in the back of the clothing or in a seam under the armpit (if the garment is laying on a table in front of you).  Please put the barb through someplace that the barb will not damage the clothing - seam or size is the best.  We have an inexpensive source for you to buy a tagging gun (bottom of this page) if you would like to buy one. Tagging guns will be required for in-person sales.
  3. Shoes
    1. All shoes must be cleaned top and bottom.
    2. Please don't include shoes that are too worn. Check the heals, toes and soles for integrity.
    3. Shoes for all seasons will be accepted.
  4. Toys
    1. Toys that require batteries must have working batteries.
    2. If the toys have loose parts, secure these extra parts in a plastic bag and securely tape them to the main toy.  
    3. If toys have multiple parts that could accidentally get separately, please put a handwritten tag on each part so we know they go together. 
  5. Books
    1. All types of books are accepted - Children’s books, activity books, workbooks, school books, parenting books and adult books. 
    2. Books sold as groups should be sealed in a ziplock bag, taped together with painter's tape, (so as not to damage the books) or tied with yarn or ribbon (tie in both directions so all sides are secure.) Don't use Scotch tape (doesn't hold well) or packing tape (is damaging) to hold books together.
    3. Tape the product tag to the back cover of the book or (outside of bag if selling a set).  Use regular scotch tape and only tape 2 sides of the tag down.  This will prevent damaging the books' covers when removing the tag.
  6. Baby/kid equipment (e.g. strollers, bouncers, exersaucers, etc.)
    1. Instruction manuals are always helpful - include them when you can.  Download them from the internet if you've lost them.
    2. Ensure everything is clean – trays, pads, bars, etc. – spit up and gunk get caught everywhere!
    3. If items have multiple pieces that might get separated (e.g. bouncy seats and their activity bars, the 7 pieces that come with your pack and play, cribs with 8 pieces), make sure that the product tag is on the main piece.  Hand write additional tags with your consignor #, the description and mark them with 1 of 8, 2 of 8, 3 of 8, etc.
    4. Car seats and booster seats that clip into a car are not accepted.

Making Your Product Tags


Category Type Suggested Price
Clothing Target/Old Navy/Carters $2-$4
  Children's Place/Gap $3-$5
  Gymboree/Pricier Brands $5-$10
Shoes Depends on brand and size of shoe. $2-$10
Toys Original Price $5-$10 $2-$5
  Original Price $10-$15 $4-$7
  Original Price $15-$20 $5-$10
Exersaucers   $25-$55
Bouncy Seats   Average $10-$20
Baby Swings Smaller portable swings $20-$35
  Larger stand alone swings $35-$65
Pack & Plays Range varies depending on how many accessories are included (e.g. bassinet, changing table, mobile, light, etc.) and age of item $25-75
Strollers Low End $25
  Average Graco $50
  Peg Perego $50-$100
  Bugaboo/High End $150+
Jogging Strollers   $50-$150
Books (We also recommend checking the Discount box on books - there's a lot of bargain book shoppers) $1-$2
DVDs Movies rated G - R are accepted. No X-rated movies. $1-$5
Cribs Only cribs manufactured and dated after June 2011 are accepted $75-$200
Boppys   $5-$10
Maternity  Average everyday pieces $2-$10

Putting Product Tags on Your Items


Put the computer generated tag on the main piece & hand-written tags on all additional pieces.


Tagging Guns

We've secured an inexpensive supplier for tagging guns.  We've found that using the tagging gun is the best way to tag clothing and other items with fabric.   These are typically $25-35 at retail.  Through this source, you will get one needle and 1000 1.5" barbs for only $10 (including shipping!!!).  These are coming from Asia so they do take one or more weeks to get here.  Order early!!

This particular model is totally optional - you do not have to use this type of tagging gun.   Amazon, Michaels, Joanne's, Office Max and even some Wal-Marts have tagging guns.  They may be more expensive but you can use your Michael's/Joanne's coupons to cut the price down.

We also caution that you should always place the tagging gun barb through a seam or somewhere not noticeable so that you do not damage the garment.

 To order go to