Our next sale will be Spring 2019, either March or April. Registration for that will open about a month before, so either February or March. Make sure you have signed up on our email list so you get notification of when registration opens, as we fill up fast!

In the meantime, we are offering a mid-season tagging option for our returning consignors. This feature gives you the opportunity to tag your items between sales. It is completely optional. You don't have to sign up for mid season tagging to participate in the next sale. And if you do sign up for this feature, you will still need to register for the next sale. It is NOT guaranteeing you registration for spring.

here's some more info:
  • To be able to tag mid-season, you’ll have to “register” again on our website (link below).   There will be a $5 non-refundable registration fee to have this mid-season sale tagging option (sorry – the tagging program costs us money so we have to pass along some of the fees).
  • Mid-season tagging will stay open until about a week before we open registration for the spring event.
  • Registering for mid-season tagging DOES NOT guarantee you a spot for the next event – you WILL have to re-register and pay the consignor registration fee as usual for the spring events (you will get the emails, etc.)
  • There is always a slight possibility that we are not able to find a location for the events – it doesn’t happen very often but we must tell you just in case.
  • Any items you tag in the Santa Clarita tagging system will be able to be used at the Santa Clartia sale or be transferred to any other SCV or LA Kids event.
  • Participation in the mid-season tagging option is voluntary and not required to participate in upcoming sales.
  • You should register for mid-season tagging in whichever sale you LAST participated in. If your last sale was SCV, register below. If your last sale was San Fernando, then register at http://www.lakidsconsignment.com/consign-register.html - YOU DO NOT WANT TAGGED ITEMS IN 2 DIFFERENT SALE LOCATIONS, THAT IS BAD NEWS!
  • Only consignors that participated in the last fall sale will be able to sign up for mid-season tagging. 
  • Please make sure you check www.cpcs.gov for any recalled items before you tag them.