Consign with Us & Make Some $$$

Now there is a great way to recycle your outgrown children's items and make money!

Why sell your items at SCV Kids Consignment?


What can you sell?

We take almost all types of products for infants thru pre-teens. Each consignor must have at least 30 items and at most 300 items.

How much can you earn?

You keep 65% of the selling price of your items that sell!  Help out and you can earn 70%. 

How do I become a consignor?

In order to consign, you need to register. You can do that on the Consignor Registration page of this website. (Registration is required for each sale)

Once you have paid your $16.99 non-refundable registration fee, you will receive instructions on how to get your Consignor number and all the information you need to begin tagging your items. (This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.)


Why is there a registration fee?

Your registration fee helps cover the cost of the location rental, advertising, insurance, display racks, supplies, security etc. 


How do I tag my items?

Once you have received your Consignor #, you can begin tagging your items. You will receive detailed information upon registration telling you how to tag, hang, tape, etc. your items before bringing them to the sale. Here are the top highlights:

SCV Kids Consignment wants to ensure that all the products at the sale are clean and in working order. Therefore, we have detailed instructions on how to prepare your items. Before you decide to consign, we highly recommend you read more about tagging so you are familiar with the process. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILED TAGGING INSTRUCTIONS.


Who sets the prices?

Each consignor chooses how they want to price their items. We recommend pricing your items 50-70% of original retail. (Clothing is typically lower.) That being said, the lower you price your items, the better they will sell. You should think about what you would pay for the items if you were buying them. We do have a Pricing Guideline - you may choose to follow this guideline or not - please do what is most comfortable for you.

At the sale, there is no negotiating the prices - the price on your tag is what it will be sold for. However, the last day of the sale is the 50% off sale day. It is up to you as the consignor to decide if you would like your items to be discounted on that day. When making your product tags online, you may choose which, if any, items you would like to be discounted.

Category Type Suggested Price
Clothing Target/Old Navy/Carters $2-4
  Children's Place/Gap $3-5
  Gymboree/Pricier Brands $5-10
Shoes Depends on brand and size of shoe. $2-10
Toys Original Price $5-10 $2-5
  Original Price $10-15 $4-7
  Original Price $15-20 $5-10
Exersaucers   $25-55
Bouncy Seats   Average $10-20
Baby Swings Smaller portable swings $20-35
  Larger stand alone swings $35-65
Pack & Plays Range varies depending on how many accessories are included (e.g. bassinet, changing table, mobile, light, etc.) and age of item $25-75
Strollers Low End $25
  Average Graco $50
  Peg Perego $50-$100
  Bugaboo/High End $150+
Jogging Strollers   $50-150
Books (We also recommend checking the Discount box on books - there's a lot of Sunday bargain book shoppers) $1.00
DVDs Movies rated G thru R are accepted. No X rated.  $2-$8
Cribs Only cribs manufactured and dated after June 2011 are accepted $75-200
Boppys   $5
Maternity  Average everyday pieces $2-10

When do I bring my items to the sale?

Upon registering, you will also be sent instructions on how to sign up for a drop-off appointment to bring your items to the sale. Drop-off is typically the 2-3 days before the sale starts. Drop-off should only take you about 30-60 minutes. We will inspect all the items you bring to make sure there aren't any stains, rips, tears, and that all items are working. 

What other consignor benefits are there?

As a consignor, you get to shop the private pre-sale!!! The pre-sale is the day before the public sale - so you get first pick of the merchandise!

All consignors get to come to the pre-sale, however, if you sign up to help at the sale, you get to enter at an earlier time (in addition to earning an extra 5% on your items that sell)


What happens to unsold items?

Consignors may take back any of their items that do not sell. Pick up of unsold items is typically Sunday night on the last day of the sale or Monday morning the day after the sale ends.

If you do not want to take back your items, SCV Kids Consignment will donate all or some of your unsold items to charity.

Thanks to the generosity of our consignors, the following charities benefited from the Spring 2019 event:

Mend Poverty Tax ID# 23-7306337

American Cancer Society Tax ID# 13-1788491

God's Closet-Tujunga Tax ID# 52-0643036

Michael Hoefflin Foundation Tax ID# 95-4565741

Hart High Dance Team Tax ID# 47-4436879

Salvation Army Tax ID# 58-0660607

Castaic Middle School Tax ID# 47-4993238

Balboa Magnet school Tax ID# 95-4350184

Shelter Hope Pet Shop Tax ID# 46-2376346

Sherman Oaks Lutheran Church Tax ID# 95-2371226

Thank you! 

When do I get paid???

Through the awesome online tagging program, you will be able to see which of your items sell each night after the sale closes. About a week after the sale is completed, we pay all consignors via PayPal. There is no cost to the consignor to receive their consignor earnings via PayPal.  

When Can I Shop?

All Consignors can shop on the pre-sale day, a full day before the sale is open to the public. The exact time you are allowed to enter is based on whether you participate at the sale or not, and what tier you sign up for.