When entering items into the tagging program, carefully consider the Inventory category that you choose.  Items will be shown by category on the online shopping site.  So if you put your clothing accidentally in the Shoes category, your clothing items will not show up correctly.

Additionally, we have updated many categories from previous events.  If you have existing inventory, you will likely need to update Categories for your existing inventory.  An easy time to do that is when you're adding photos of your items.  

Remember - the minimum price for the online sale is $4.00 so update your items and consider bundling items.

Inventory Category What goes in this category
Accessories - Boys Belts, Ties, Umbrellas, New Underwear, Face Masks, Watches
Accessories - Girls Belts, Hair Accessories, Scarves, Umbrellas, New Underwear, Face Masks, Watches, New Training Bras, Jewelry, Purses, 
Accessories - Womens Belts, Hair Accessories, Scarves, Umbrellas, Face Masks, Watches, Jewelry
Baby Equipment Exersaucers, Jumperoos & Walkers, Swings, Bouncy Seats, Diaper Pails, Wipe Warmers, Changing Pads, Pack & Plays, Bassinets, Co-Sleepers, Potty Seats, High Chairs, Booster seats for eating, portable high chairs, Bumbo seats (must have buckles), Baby Gates, Bed Rails
Baby Formula No expired formula
Bath/Health Bath Tubs, Bath Accessories, Bath Toys, Safety Items, Cabinet Locks, Humidifiers, Baby Scales, First Aid
Backpacks, Lunchboxes & Suitcases Backpacks, Lunchboxes, suitcases
Books - Adult Parenting books, Cook books, books for Adults - fiction, non fiction for adults
Books - Board Books Board Books, Soft Cover & Bath Books
Books - Chapter Books Longer books for older readers
Books - Other Activity books, Educational, Sound, Comic Books other
Books - Paper Pages Books for young readers that have paper pages. These can be hard bound books or Paper cover books. This category also includes 1-2-3 Early Reading Books
Clothing - Boys All boys clothes sizes newborn through 16. We do NOT take men's clothing. Must have a number size
Clothing - Girls All girls clothing sizes newborn-size 16. After size 16, please use the Junior Girls. Must have a number size
Clothing Junior Girls Junior Girls clothing sizes 0, 1, 3, 5, 7. We ONLY take Junior clothing. Women's clothing is EVEN size and we do NOT take that. Must have a number size
Computer Games
Console Games
Costumes Children's costumes sized by number size. Halloween accessories and Decor
Crafts/School/Party/Holiday Arts & Crafts, School Supplies, Play Doh, Party Supplies, Cake Pans, Scrapbooking, Holiday crafts and decorations
Cribs & Nursery Furniture Cribs (must have manufacture date 6/11 or newer), Crib Mattresses, Changing Tables, Glider/Rocking Chair
Dancewear Girls dancewear can be separated or go in Girls clothing. No shoes - shoes should go under shoes.
Diaper Bags
Diapers Disposal, Cloth, Swimmers
DVDs Double check scratches - no scratched DVDs allowed
Feeding/Eating bottles, sippy cups, bottle warmers, sterilizers, drying racks, dishwasher baskets, straws, plates, utensils, placemats, baby bibs
Furniture - Kids Furniture Furniture that would go in a kid's room/playroom - Chairs, Desks, Tables, Bookshelves, Storage Chests, Train Tables, Dressers, Beds, Easels, Bed Rails, Stools, Toy Chests, Plastic Storage Drawers/Containers
Furniture - Home Furniture Desks, Office Chairs, End Tables, Coffee Tables, Dining Tables and Chairs, Lamps, Bookcases, Shelves, Wine Racks, Rugs, Holiday Decor
Games board games, card games
Hats - Boys
Hats - Girls
Hats - Womens
Boppies, Carriers, Car/Stroller/Cart Accessories & Playmats Car Seat/Stroller Accessories, Shopping Cart & Car Seat Covers, Pacifiers, Mirrors, Car Shades, Neck Supports, Baby Carriers like Bjorns, Slings, Moby Wraps, Play Mats, Boppies, My Breast Friend
Kids Room Décor Lamps, Pictures, Decals, Pillows, Wall Shelves, Piggy Banks, Rugs, Laundry Basket/Hamper, Growth Charts, Hangers, Picture Frames, Albums, Night Lights, Alarm Clocks
Home Decor & Kitchenware Items not for kids - Artwork, Frames, Rugs, Kitchen Supplies (no appliances), Silk Plants/Flowers, Vases, Candles, Lamps, Decorative Pillows, etc
Linens (formerly called Bedding) Sheets, Comforters, Mattress Covers, Blankets, Towels, Swaddles/Sleep Sacks, Sleeping bags, Lovies, Pillows, Crib Bedding, Pack n Play Sheets, Changing Table Covers, Bed Tents
Maternity Maternity clothes - may be sizes SM, Med, Lg, XL
Melissa & Doug items Any Melissa & Doug items
Miscellaneous Whatever doesn't fit anywhere else.
Nursery Décor Mobiles, Crib Music, Baby Monitors
Purses - Women Women's Purses
Puzzles Must be complete. Boxed puzzles, wood puzzles, cardboard, plastic, etc. All sizes OK
Shoes - Younger Boys Shoes Boys shoes sizes newborn - 13
Shoes - Younger Girls Shoes Girls shoes sizes newborn - 13
Shoes - Older Boys Shoes Older boys shoes sizes 1- men's 13
Shoes - Older Girls Shoes Older girls shoes sizes 1-7
Shoes - Womens Shoes size 6.5 to 11 for women
Socks - Boys
Socks - Girls Socks, Tights
Sports All Gear for Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, (Except for shoes/cleats), Helmets, Balls, Shin Guards, Elbow/Knee Pads, Sports Bags, Martial Arts Equip, Karate, Boxing, Roller Blades, Ice Skates, Snow Play, Skis, Snowboards, Swim Vests, Pool and Beach
Strollers Umbrella, Snap & Go, Single, Double, Sit & Stand, Jogging, etc.
Toys - Bikes, Trikes, Wagons & Wheels Bicycles, Tricycles, Cozy Coupes, Wagons, Ride-ons, Scooters, Big Wheels, Power Wheels, Bike Trailers
Toys - Boys Action Figures, Toy Story, Super Heroes, Star Wars, Bionicles, Transformers, Pokemon, Bey Blades and anything that doesn't fit in another category
Toys - Dolls Dolls, Doll Accessories, American Girl, Barbie, Baby Dolls, Disney Princesses, Doll Houses
Toys - Girls Shopkins, Polly Pocket, Playsets, Easy Bake Ovens, Food Play, Cooking and anything that doesn't fit in another category
Toys - Infant (0-2yrs) & Preschool (2-5 yrs) Rattles, Teethers, Infant Soft Toys, Plastic Blocks, Wooden Blocks, Stacking Toys, Stacking Rings, Shape Sorters, Play Phones, See & Say, Magnadoodle, Pretend Lap Tops, Bead Mazes, Push & Pull Toys, Cash Registers
Toys - Legos & Building Legos, Duplos, Mega Blocks, Lincoln Logs, Magnatiles, Bristle Blocks
Toys - Little People Little People Toys, Figurines and Play Sets
Toys - Musical Play Drums, Guitars, Pianos, Keyboards, Xylophones, Flutes, other play instruments
Toys - Nerf Nerf guns and similar toys
Toys - Outdoor & Big Stuff Outdoor Playsets, Swings, Slides, Roller Coasters, Picnic Tables, Kitchens, BBQ's, Tool Benches, Basketball Hoops, Water Tables, Shopping Carts, Vanities
Toys - Science, Animals & Grab Bags Science Kits, Microscopes, Globes, Experiments, Telescopes, .Dinosaurs, Zoo Animals, Prize Buckets, Grab Bags, Teacher Give-Away Toys
Toys - Stuffed Animals stuffed animals & puppets
Toys - Vehicles Trains, Cars, Trucks, Airplanes, Boats, Helicopters, Car Ramps, Train Tracks, Hot Wheels Storage